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Addiction and Interventions

Unfortunately, there are many people that continue to participate in different types of harmful behavior, but are unresponsive to pleas and completely reject offers for help from their friends, families, and loved ones. These behaviors might include dependency, gambling, eating disorders, or Internet addiction, and all are harmful to the individual struggling and also their loved ones. Often, if friends and family members do try to help their loved ones, they get annoyed and offended because logic and one-on-one discussions are not effective. Different treatment programs offer the guidance and help that families and friends need to help their loved ones agree to treatment.

Interventions are purposeful, deliberate events that target changing a perilous or destructive behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Persuading the individual, or individuals, to enter rehab in the appropriate facility is the primary objective of an intervention. Of the people who actually host an intervention for a loved one, 90% are successful in getting the addict to enter a certain program. However, it’s important to remember that no intervention is a total failure, because now the target understands that they have people who love them enough to help them overcome addiction.

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