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Rehabilitation, Detox, and Drug Addiction

If people suffer from profound dependency, abruptly stopping the use of a substance, such as illegal drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol, is a scary thought, not to mention dangerous and even life-threatening. Often, people that have attempted to quit at least once have used the ‘cold turkey' method, or attempted to use their self-control to quit. Unhappily, those efforts to stop are very rarely a success in the end, partially because drug addiction is very powerful, and partly because the fundamental reasons for using drugs or alcohol haven’t been dealt with. Detox is NOT rehabilitation, though it is understood that detox is a powerful process, and a crucial step towards recovery.

Detoxification, or detox, involves cleansing the body of a substance, while at the same time handling the symptoms of withdrawal. For lots of addicts, this is an essential first step in treatment, and must be done quickly and as effectively as possible. Probably the most critical factor to be aware of about detox is that it’s NOT rehab, and isn’t capable of ‘curing’ a drug addict or alcoholic from their illness. Treatment and rehab are the only real and proven paths to recovery. Rehab centers recommend continuing into a program for the best recovery results.

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