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Alcohol Addiction and Rehab

Many people are at higher risk for alcohol use disorders than other substance abuse disorders since alcohol is legal and easily available to people over the legal age. Also, since alcohol is a legal substance, people think it’s safe and non-addictive. These misconceptions have resulted in a lot of pain and misery for people that learn the hard way exactly how harmful and addictive alcohol really is. The primary goal of every rehabilitation center is to educate individuals that are affected by alcohol use disorders, help them realize the roots of their drug addiction, and give them the skills to live without and prevent alcohol.

Alcohol dependence (also known as alcoholism) is generally regarded as a more damaging alcohol use disorder than alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is distinguished by misusing alcohol, however, not being physiologically dependent on it, which means there are minimal withdrawal effects and no tolerance has formed. However, these people do have a dangerous disorder, which causes them to make bad choices (like driving while intoxicated), suffer criminal and social issues (such as arrests and arguments with family members), and be thoughtless at work, home, and school. Alcohol dependence, or alcoholism, is more severe because, along with all the elements of alcohol abuse, people also experience strong urges, lack of control, physical dependence, and tolerance. Most treatment centers employ trained, professional staff members who deal with alcohol use disorders in the safest, most efficient way.

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